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Flexible collective that integrates prominent soloists of contemporary music in Galicia and Portugal, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble favours an open space for reflection, discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary music.

Between Feathers is an accordion, flute, voice and percussion quartet based in Vienna, Austria. We wish to explore international new music repertoire as well as collaborate with composers sharing their vision: rethink the traditional new music concert with other artists, dancers and thinkers of the world. In addition, the quartet wishes to address preoccupations of our modern society in their performances.

This established accordion duo, is specialised exclusively on contemporary music, focusing themselves on the interpretation of pieces of still living composers. Duo Ar is as well doing premieres of well known composers.

Aer Duo is a Spain based duo, seeking for the collaboration with young composers, open to explore new sound combinations resulting from the combination of accordion and saxophone. Accessible to create new projects that make them breaks their own borders.

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July 2024

Vertixe Sonora: Plurisons festival (Brasil)

Concerts, Workshop and masterclass

15.07.2024 - 22.07.2024

Vertixe Sonora: Brasil tour 

Concert in Galicia


June 2024

Vertixe Sonora: Innersonic

21.06.2024  19:00

Trio concert (saxophone, accordion, electric guitar)

Pieces by L.Troiani, F.Bedrossian, I.Badalo, A.Arushkyna, D.Portelli and a premiere by J.Gomez Elizondo.

Alte Schmiede (Schonlaterngasse 9 , 1010, Wien) 

Vertixe Sonora


Concert in Galicia. 

more details tba

Between feathers ensemble: MOSTRA SONORA (NASOM)

01.06.2024  18:30

Nasom concert in Mostra Sonora Festival (Valencia, Spain)

Pieces by Y.Yu, P.Berardinelli, P.Stump-Linshalm, B.Furrer, and a premiere by Voro Garcia. 

CM Bernat i Baldovi (Sueca, Valencia, Spain)

May 2024

Vertixe Sonora: Brumario

09.05.2024  19:30

Opera/Performance from Ramon Souto

Oculto d'Ajuda (Tv. Zebras 25, Lisboa, Portugal)