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Maria Mogas Gensana is an accordionist specialized in the interpretation of contemporary music. She completed her Bachelor studies with Prof. Iñaki Alberdi in Musikene (Centro Superior de Música de País Vasco) as well as the master degree PPCM (Performance Practice of Contemporary Music) with Prof. Krassimir Sterev and Klangforum Wien Ensemble at Kunstuniversität Graz.

​Since May 2019 she is member of the Ensamble Vertixe Sonora. In 2021 she holded a Startstipendium from the Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur , öffentlicher Dienst und Sport (Austria). 

As a soloist and member from different chamber music formations she has worked with composers like R.Saunders, K.Lang, S.Steen-Andersen, G.Neurwith, J.Walsh, as well as young composers with whom she collaborated and premiered multiple pieces. ​She has played as invited guest with several ensembles like ensemble Chromoson (It), Phace (at), Platypus ensemble (at)...

​She has taken part in several contemporary music festivals or academies like Klangspuren-Schwaz (At) , Mixtur Festival (Esp), Carmelo Bernaola, Biennale Graz, ENSEMS Festival (Esp), RESIS Festival, Reencontros de Musica Contemporanea (Pt), Impuls Festival (At), Le Vivier (Ca), Crossroads (At), TransArt (It), Musica Viva (Pt).

She is member of Aer duo (accordion-saxophone duo with Patricia Coronel Avilés) and Duo Ar (accordion duo with Mirko Jevtovic), both of them focused on the interpretation of contemporary music and in the collaboration with composers in a high interpretation level. She is founding member of the Vienna-based ensemble between feathers (accordion, percussion, voice and flute), being selected by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (BMEIA) for 2023 and 2024 as NASOM (New Austrian Sound of Music) group.